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Makeup Magazine: Green Screen Organic Sunscreen SPF 20 Original 8oz/230g - 3 PACK

Green Screen Organic Sunscreen SPF 20 Original 8oz/230g – 3 PACK

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  • 86% Certified Organic Ingredient Formula
  • 25% Non-nano Zinc Oxide Active Ingredient, Broad-spectrum, 95% UV protection (SPF 20)
  • Baby and Child Safe with just 8 ingredients
  • Biodegradable, Safe for Protected Aquatic Parks, Reef-Safe
  • Fragrance-free, gluten-free, corn-free, chemical-free and vegan

3 Pack
Green Screen® Organic Sunscreen SPF 20 Original is healthy, highly effective and safe for children and adults of all ages.
Green Screen® Organic Sunscreen SPF 20 is easy to apply at all temperatures and essentially transparent at the rated SPF value. SPF 20 provides 95% UV absorption. Formula is broad spectrum and effective for protecting your skin from both UVA and UVB radiation.
Green Screen is an effective, healthy and safe sunscreen for your entire family. You can use it daily and be confident that it’s free of harmful petrochemicals that are known to bioaccumulate.

Zinc oxide is a better sunscreen active ingredient than titanium dioxide and the only one Kabana uses for the following reasons:

?Zinc oxide the most effective UV absorber across the entire UVA and UVB spectrum.
?ZInc oxide is made from the critical mineral nutrient zinc instead of the toxic heavy metal, titanium.
?Zinc oxide holds tight to its electrons when it absorbs UV energy and limits the creation of free radicals that do damage and increase the risk of skin cancer.
?Zinc oxide is the sole sunscreen active ingredient approved for use on children by FDA.
The zinc oxide Kabana uses is non-nano, and not-micronized; there are zero zinc oxide nanoparticles in our formulas.

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